Zach Elkins president, founded his company in 2002.

Zach demonstrated his interest for woodworking at an early age and was encouraged to pursue his artistic talents which involved design, drawing and building.


As a  young man  Zach became interested in master designers and craftsman Such as Jean Prouve and James Krenov. He credits his teachers for developing his fundamentals in craftsmanship. Fueled by a developing passion for designing and building furniture, he voraciously pursued their knowledge and technique’s. Methodical about recreating not only the forms but the techniques of these masters Zach has become a Master Craftsman.


Twelve years after founding W.Z. Elkins, his furniture continues to win critical acclaim from leading designers, architects, and private clients who consider an Elkin’s piece to be the center piece of their artistic interiors. Today Zach and his team are some of the finest craftsman. Capable of replicating skills of a century or more ago, they are also masters of cutting edge materials and techniques.